I’m notorious for not answering my phone or knowing where I last left it. When my mom wants to get a hold of me, she doesn’t bother dialing my number but rather calls James instead. So when cute moments with the boys happen, I don’t always have my phone handy to snap a picture. However, the other morning, as I prepared to leave for work, I walked past the glass doors overlooking the porch and immediately stopped.  As I glanced out at the scene, I took a moment to just take in what I was witnessing.  After a few moments I decided this was one of those moments that was too good not to document, and so I quickly ran, grabbed my phone and snapped a picture.  The picture was more for James than for me, as I knew this moment would be marked in my memory.

To anyone else this picture looks fairly normal.  A man and his son, sitting together, swinging on the porch swing. But when I look at this picture I see so much more.  When I look at this picture, when I witnessed this moment I saw something that made me so happy I felt tears sting my eyes.  I saw a dad, so deserving of this peaceful, relaxed moment with his son.  I saw a dad and husband that has worked tirelessly, particularly over the last four years, building his business.  I saw a dad who, more often than not, has worked 7 days a week, with almost no time for rest, for relaxation. I saw a dad who has lacked a balanced schedule for years finally getting a taste of what it is like to have time to enjoy work, play and family. James has given me the gift of many of my own “porch swing” moments over the years. As I headed out to work that day, I smiled to myself thinking how happy I was to be able to share that gift back with him.

Balance.  Such a simple idea, yet sometimes so hard to achieve.  As a family and owners of a small business, we are constantly searching and striving to find that balance.  For years James took the lead with the business and I carried out the other aspects of our life, our family, our home.  As we strive to find more balance, we do this by helping each other, none of this possible alone.  If you visit the storefront you may find you see less of James and more of me.  If you see this you will know that we are succeeding at our goal for balance.  Both of us sharing in the business, in our home, and in our family.  

We hope Box Bistro is there to give you more balance in your life.  To give you more time for family, for fun, for work, to achieve your goals.  It’s so much easier to find balance when you have the right people on your side to support you and give you help to achieve all that you desire.

Cheers to finding the balance!

Holly Bannon