BIG NEWS!  We are moving our storefront location to a larger facility!

Many of our storefront customers are aware that about a year ago, we purchased a kitchen facility a mile down the road, right in the center of town, 380 Main street in Berlin.  This past year, that space has been invaluable as it is equipped with a much larger kitchen which has been absolutely essential in the growth of our business.  After much thought, we have decided to move the entire operation to this facility, so that all of our staff and customers can be together in one location.  We feel we can operate in a better capacity with the storefront and production kitchen being in the same building.  One of the aspects we are most excited about is being able to connect more with our customers again.  James spent almost every day in the storefront the first few years, but has had to adjust his role and was needed more at our production facility this last year.  He greatly missed being able to work in the same space as his customers and is excited that that he can now experience both aspects of the kitchen and the storefront.  Our new facility contains a huge kitchen and prep space, our office space, and a much larger storefront.  We are excited to plan for this big move and use the additional square footage to increase our offerings.

Each week our Tuesday email will share some insights and a sneak peak behind the scenes of this process.  We are working to firm up a timeline but for now the plan is as follows:

May - Maintain our current location (1240 Farmington ave) for curbside and pickup orders.

On June 1, 2020 -  Close our 1240 Farmington Ave storefront.  Open our new location on 380 Main street as the Box Bistro storefront. 

Now of course there are some challenges during this time and we don’t know definitively when storefronts will be allowed to reopen.  We will continue to offer curbside/pickup at our new location until we are permitted to once again be open for regular storefront visits. 

Stay tuned for this info in the coming weeks:

  • Updated timeline of events
  • Pictures of our renovations
  • Parking options for our customers
  • New offerings at our store

Cheers to the next big adventure!

Holly Bannon