As a teacher for 12 years, I sat in many parent conferences. Depending on the situation, those meetings could either feel like a breeze or be somewhat more nerve wracking.  However, each year, I always had a few conferences that I really looked forward to.  There were kids each year that really stood out to me.  Students who perhaps were not only doing well academically, but who were kind, caring, respectful, hard working and responsible. Each time I sat down to one of those conferences, I found myself wanting to ask the parents for parenting tips, as they had clearly mastered the art; the evidence was apparent to me each day I worked with their child.

I'm not in the teaching profession anymore, rather a business owner, but I can guarantee if Mackenzie, Ryan, and Shanna had ever shown up on my class rosters, those would be the parent conferences I would be excited about. Because each day that I come into work and I see this group of young adults I am blown away.  I am sure their parents worked to guide them into the people they are today and in addition to that upbringing, they've shown their own desire to be well rounded and develop the skills that make them admirable.  Diligent and kind, responsible and hard working, paired with personalities that make each of them unique and fun to be around, this crew has it all. 

We've had the pleasure of having these three on our team for years, and each new school year is bittersweet for us. On one hand we are excited for them as they begin a new year, a step closer to graduating and pursuing their goals. On another hand though, we know that with each new chapter comes less hours we get them here at Box Bistro.

So as everyone heads into a new school year, our staff, our customers, fellow teachers, we are wishing you a year full of success.  We are hopeful that the brightness that Shanna, Mack and Ryan have brought to Box Bistro will continue to be felt even in their absence.

Cheers to the new school year!

Holly Bannon