Family, Friends and Food!

Family, Friends and Food!

Four hours into the process and I was beginning to have second thoughts.  I began to wonder if planning a trip away to the Cape with five families was really the best idea sometime around 10pm when I was searching for linens, towels, shoes, toiletries, beach gear and all those other necessities.  At around 10:30pm, James came into the room, and in what felt like 14 seconds, threw some clothes on the pile and announced “he was done packing."  I pushed my annoyance to the side, took a deep breath, told myself this would all be worth it, and realized that James was only walking in now at 10:30 pm because he had just returned home from a very long day at work.  I was on the home front side of preparations, he was on the business side, making sure that everything was set for our first vacation away since opening the store. 


By some miracle, we departed the next day for the Cape relatively on schedule, bags packed, kids content and excited and somehow even a little bit of extra room remaining in the back of the van. It was a whirlwind week, but what a fantastic one.  Not only were my kids going on vacation with some of their best friends but I was as well.  The weather was great, the house was big enough to accommodate all 20 guests, the pool was a perfect and necessary amenity that we were happy to have throughout the week.  Besides all the fun, the beach trips, the bike rides and outings, some of my favorite moments of the week came in the evening hours around dinner time.  Each family had a designated night to prepare dinner for the whole crew. This worked out beautifully, for only one night of vacation did any couple have to be confined in the kitchen.  In addition to that, clean up was done quickly by members of the non cooking family, and somehow no matter who prepared the meal, all the kids exclaimed their praises and approval of the food that was laid out before them.  


When I think about why these were some of my favorite times, a few things come to mind.  The group of friends we went away with met about 7 years ago at Crossfit. This is a group of people that share a love for fitness, family, and good food.  Each meal that was prepared, was not only delicious, but I knew as I waited to eat each night, that it would be good, quality food, made from scratch.  I don’t think most people leave vacation feeling that they’ve eaten balanced meals, but I can say that last week in the Cape, we definitely were fortunate to have eaten great, home cooked meals each night.  We got to enjoy delicious food, made by people we trust, and we had more free time to enjoy each other and the kids as we relaxed by the pool.

So as you head into this busy summer season, we hope Box Bistro can be your “vacation family.”  Preparing healthy, delicious meals for you each night, so you have more time to enjoy the sun, the splashing, and the laughter with the ones you love the most.

Cheers to family, friends and food!

Holly Bannon