Small Actions

Small Actions

Yep, mark one for green, one for red, and one for orange, I mumbled to myself as I checked off a vegetable tracking chart that I had just printed.  Like a lot of people, I know most of the "right" things to do to eat well and feel good.  But knowing and doing can be two completely different things.  And while i consider myself to be a diverse eater of vegetables and fruits, when I really started paying attention to what I was consuming, I realized that I in fact didn't eat the range of vegetables i thought i did, or the daily quantity either. So last week when I wrote my grocery list, I made sure to add a sufficient amount of fruits and veggies to the list.  

This morning when I grabbed items for my breakfast, i made sure to pick from a range of veggies and add a cup of raspberries to go with my breakfast. My Type A personality responded with delight as I checked 3/10 boxes within an hour or two of starting the day.  Success was easy for two reasons: I had set a goal that I made a priority with a small, reasonable action AND I had planned and shopped to have those items on hand.  Hard to have success with eating well when you don't have easy access to the food.


Whatever your eating plans, goals, or priorities, planning and having those desired foods on hand is essential to taking that action in the direction of your goals.  Whether that is ordering Box Bistro dinners for the week, buying your bulk proteins from us, or picking up more fruit at the grocery store, some action is needed to start moving in the right direction.


With Box Bistro that action is as simple as clicking a few buttons on your phone. Take this small action now and reap the benefits next week when you open up your fridge and taste the success.



Holly Bannon