Worth It

Worth It

Worth It

I had undeniably lost sight of the big picture. Multiple times prior to this weekend, I found myself stressed and annoyed about the trip to New Hampshire. An away weekend tournament for AAU basketball, and with both boys playing in different age groups, on different teams, my head was spinning as I got ahold of the game schedule.  I checked my calendar, scribbling to-do lists down on paper, making a plan for what meals/snacks and supplies needed to be packed to keep a family of five fueled for two days away from home. By the time the long drive began and the boys began to bicker I muttered to myself more than once that I would never again sign them up for AAU.

Game one of eight began and Graham took to the court, moving fluidly and with purpose.  No longer a timid player, but instead, sure of where he needed to be on the court, he moved with confidence and speed.  Keeping his head up, aware of the ball at all times, working effectively with his team, he continued in this way through the rest of game one all the way through to his championship win in game 4. Not to be outdone, Jaden’s games followed suit.  He was on fire as he dribbled down the court, changing directions with control, breaking more than one ankle as he tricked his opponent with his quick decisions. A pump fake and a perfect fadeaway shot swooshed as the ball made its way into the net. I smiled knowing he too was exactly where he should be. And as he passed the ball into play for the final 4 seconds of his championship game and his teammate scored an incredible tie breaking layup, the look of pride, exhilaration, and happiness on his face was enough to erase every negative thought I had on the way up to this trip.

Afterwards, as I looked at Jaden and Graham in their championship shirts, huge smiles on their faces, I realized that this was worth all the effort, the reminder I needed. For just as the game was not won because of one person's efforts, the work towards a goal is not done independently either. It takes coaches to teach, teammates to learn from and improve with, parents to guide and transport, and the individuals' own desire to push oneself to new heights.

Supporting my boys' goals and getting to bear witness to the success that comes as a result of dedication, hard work and teamwork gives me joy.  A joy we are happy to share as we work to support your goals each week.


Holly Bannon