How it works!


Browse through our extensive "Pre Order" menu and add items to your cart.  Meals with "Sunday" in the title, as well as bulk items, snacks and drinks will be ready to pickup at chosen locations first thing the following Sunday morning. Meals with "Thursday" in the title will be ready to pickup at chosen locations first thing the following Thursday morning.

  Pickup locations - At checkout, choose our storefront in Berlin, CT or a variety of local gyms in CT as your pickup location. It is the customer's responsibility to  check the chosen location's website for their hours of operation to coordinate pickups.


You can choose to stay home and still enjoy Box Bistro meals delivered right to your doorstep.  We deliver to a number of towns in Central CT.  Simply type in your zip code when prompted and check to see if you are eligible (please contact if you are not within the listed delivery area but are interested in this option).

QUESTION: How do I know when my meals will be delivered?

ANSWER: If you choose home delivery, any meals you add to your cart labeled “Sunday meal,” as well as any bulk items, snacks, and drinks, will be delivered to your home one day earlier than normal pick up times, on Saturday.  You will be contacted on Saturday with an estimated delivery window.

Any meals added to your cart labeled “Thursday meal” will be delivered to your home the following week, one day earlier than usual pick up times, on Wednesday.  Meals will be packed up in brown paper bags and left for you on your door step.  If you will not be home during your delivery window, an insulated bag/icepack will be provided and you will be billed $15. You will be contacted Wednesday with an estimated delivery window.

QUESTION:  What is the cost for this additional service and is there a minimum order required for delivery.

ANSWER:  There is no minimum order for delivery.  There is a flat $12 fee for this home delivery service. 

QUESTION:  If I order for both delivery days during the week, do I have to pay the delivery fee twice?

ANSWER:  No! If you order for both delivery days when you place your order, you only have to pay the delivery fee once, so basically your second delivery of fresh, prepared meals delivered right to your door is with no additional fee.



Now offering even more convenience! Place your subscription order once and receive automatic Box Bistro orders specific to your needs. Change your settings at any time. No commitment and cancel at anytime. A discounted meal price is offered to our subscription members. 

Choose PICKUP at checkout for any of our pickup locations and there will be no delivery charge. The order will automatically be placed each week, and delivered to your pickup location of choice (including our storefront). These orders will be available for pickup on SUNDAYS and/or THURSDAYS.

Choose HOME DELIVERY at checkout and your order will be automatically placed each week, and delivered on SATURDAYS and/or Wednesdays to the address you provide.

Meal Size/Designations:

Individual meal size- single serving, averaging between 500 - 600 calories each.
Large meal size - our large meals are exactly 1.5x the size of our individual meals.
Any-type - We will choose from all of our current offerings to give you the most variety 
Please note, if choosing from the below options the variety of meals will be more limited. 
NGI - No Gluten Ingredients - only meals that are NGI will be selected  
DF - Dairy Free - only meals that are DF will be selected           
KETO - We will create perfectly portioned KETO meals with as much variety as we can with the current menu's offerings (70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs)
Plant based - We will incorporate a variety of vegetable components to provide complete, satisfying, plant-based meals. Vegan  
Paleo - Grain free, dairy free, legume free


Note: Please contact us for any questions or concerns for dietary restrictions and allergies.  Note that we are a facility that uses nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, gluten ingredients, as well as some other common food allergens.

For more specific customization please contact us. An additional fee will be added. 

By selecting a subscription product you are agreeing to be billed weekly for recurring orders until you cancel or make changes to your account. Orders that have been processed cannot be refunded.


This menu is available everyday we are open. Use the link to visit our storefront menu page to place an order.  Our gourmet to go meal options rotate on a weekly basis.

  • Order online for pickup that day. 

 Our storefront, located at 380 Main Street in Berlin, is open:

Saturdays + Sundays 8am-1pm, Monday-Thursday 7am-6pm, and Friday's 7am-3pm.  


Meal designation key:

NGI - No gluten ingredients  DF - Dairy free items

Keto - Macros of approximately 70% fat, 25% protein, 5% carbohydrate

Keto Friendly - Lower carbohydrate meals that can be made keto with the addition of healthy fat such as olive oil

Paleo/Whole30 - Free of grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugars. In addition, for Whole30, meals are also free of all sweeteners and alcohol (such as wine used in cooking)

Disclaimer: Although all sanitary measures are taken to prevent cross-contamination, our kitchen is not dedicated gluten free. We also manufacture products containing gluten and cannot guarantee that all of the foods served are allergen-free.